If you’re not good at creating habits, you simply need to practice these four hidden skills. If you mess up, just practice some more. No one mastered anything on their first few attempts — it takes time to get good at anything.

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When we’re weighing which types of jobs to apply for, or even which to accept from multiple offers should we be so lucky, the differentiators often come down to benefits. Pay, job security, balance, work environment, etc. For too long the skilled trades have been neglected as not having any benefits. Thankfully, the tide is turning, and people are starting to see that blue collar work offers some real advantages over white collar work. There are jobs available, pay is good, job security is excellent, and the satisfaction may be greater than being in the information industry

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Author Elaine St. James explains how she deals with clutter in Simplify Your Life:

Put them in a box with a label indicating a date two or three years from now—but don’t list the contents on the label. Store the box in the attic or the basement, or wherever is convenient. Once a year, examine the labels. When you come across a box whose date has passed, throw it out without opening it. Since you don’t know what’s inside, you’ll never miss it.

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As Stuart Heritage puts it for the Guardian, “Barack Obama has pared his wardrobe down to such a degree that he can confidently walk into any situation and make decisions that directly impact on the future of mankind.”

The president is not alone in this practice. The late, great, Steve Jobs wore his signature black turtleneck with jeans and sneakers every single day.

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And as for that New York Magazine headline, no, I don’t want you to Spend Like You’re Poor. To me, that would imply car loans, processed food, hair salons, restaurants, lawn care companies, housekeepers and all the things that people get when they follow the standard script of a people who are starved for free time and chasing material comforts as a replacement for happiness.

I want you to spend like you are the richest person in the world, a person who has so much happiness and balance in your life that you can’t imagine anything you could buy that would make you any happier.

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It means that the list of “important things in your life” just gets longer and longer and longer, and that list of “important things” are each things that you dump money into without really thinking about whether they fulfill something truly important in your life.

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If you’re looking for a silver lining, there is one – millennials’ personal savings rates are still above the absolutely catastrophic negative 10-15% levels that were seen pre-recession.

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“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

“To be content, look backward on those who possess less than yourself, not forward on those who possess more. If this does not make you content, you don’t deserve to be happy.”

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So you want to be a drone pilot? This is where you start.

Not with a crazy $1,200 semi-autonomous eye in the sky, but a cheap miniature quadcopter. Chinese companies are pumping out truckloads of mini quads right now, and while they can’t find their own way home, they can teach you the basics of how to fly a speedy four-propeller craft for under $100 even in a tiny apartment. They won’t make cops nervous, and they’re an absolute blast to fly around.

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Remove options. Cut off escape routes. Where do you like to run to? If it’s email, put up a site blocker so you can’t check email. Disconnect your router. Go somewhere that doesn’t have Internet. Or use a full-screen distraction-free writing app. Only allow yourself to use one tab in the browser — you can’t open more than one. Have someone monitor you or hold you accountable. Don’t let yourself run.

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