Here’s the thing: once this idea gets into your head and you really wrap your mind and soul around it, the idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” just goes away completely. It doesn’t exist any more. I am thrilled if someone else achieves something or has something that’s personally valuable, but I have no desire whatsoever to have it myself … unless the rare case occurs when it’s something I personally want, in which case I’m striving to do better than myself to achieve it.

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“For instance, if you are 25 years old and have $10,000 sitting in your transaction account earning next to no interest (0.1 per cent), and you save $1000 per month, it will take you about 79 years to reach millionaire status.

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What would happen, I asked, if we had to walk around with our true wealth flashing as a number above our heads? It would be the end of consumerism, he replied. Why would you need to buy something to represent wealth if everyone knew exactly what you were worth already?

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There is no perfect security. We all accept this in the real world. It’s a frightening thought, but the locks on our house and apartment doors would quickly fall to a determined thief with a bump key. We could improve our security and get front doors made of thick metal with bank-vault-grade locks, but that would be an awful hassle — not to mention expensive.

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Caffeine inhibits the effects of a regulatory molecule called adenosine. In a healthy person, adenosine circulates throughout the body keeping organs like your heart and lungs in check, and plays a particularly important role in the nervous system. When caffeine blocks the action of adenosine, says Lane, things can get “out of whack”

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So by living a life driving around afraid of missing out, you are in fact missing out on your entire life. Let’s fix that this weekend.

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Calling people forth, in contrast, comes from a place of service and an open heart. The intent is to call the person to higher ground. It builds on their strengths. The tone is collaborative. And ultimately, you’re sharing the burden of getting better (“How can I help?”). It feels more like coaching than scolding.

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How does that connect to living a life true to yourself? It’s simple. An awful lot of the choices we make that “compromise” a life true to ourselves is because we need money. We compromise a lot of things we believe in because of our jobs and our career and our insatiable need for more cash.

via The Biggest Regrets and How to Avoid Them – The Simple Dollar.

“Virtually every day of our lives, we’re trained to lean towards something we don’t have, which essentially trains us to be dissatisfied with where we already are.” (Read that two or three times, so it really sinks in.) Based on hundreds of conversations I’ve had with people about money, I’d say it’s probably more common than not for us to wish we were in better financial situations, which makes us hate the ones we’re currently in. We want less debt, more savings, larger salaries, bigger bonuses and so on.

via Why You Must Make Peace with Your Financial Situation | Blonde on a Budget.

Children act on impulse. Adults decide how to react, rather than being the slave of circumstances. They are masters of themselves.

via Why Growing Up Is Hard to Do (But Why the World Still Need Adults) | The Art of Manliness.


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