Do you want to own a business or just your own job?

Delegate or die: the self-employed trap. | Derek Sivers.

A wonderful post that I keep coming back to.  Check it out.

100 Things to Do During a Money Free Weekend – The Simple Dollar.

Think your “free” phone is really free?  Do the math, don’t listen to advertisements.


Don’t Fall For It: “Free Phones” Cost $360, and “$199 Phones” Cost $1040.

I use Ting for my phone service. We’ve gone from spending about $150 down to $70 using the same amount of minutes, text, and data.

This week they have a great budgeting article.

Budgeting (Part II): Where does the money go? –

If you enjoy watching the TED Talks but don’t have the time to watch them all, here’s a great synopsis of several ones.


You Can Easily Learn 100 TED Talks Lessons In 5 Minutes Which Most People Need 70 Hours For.

Looking to do more as a freelancer, or start as one?  Here’s a great article with practical routines to get you going.


Five One-Hour Routines That Will Improve Your Life as a Freelancer.

These are some great lessons.

Have a quick read, under 5 minutes, on some thought inspiring lessons.

Personal Finance Lessons from Benjamin Franklin | The Art of Manliness.

If you’re trying to figure out where to start with money management and aren’t quite interested yet in outside help, here’s a great free online budget tool that you can get started with.

Real Debt Help – Get out of debt with Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Plan –

If you need a quick workout and like print-offs this site is for you.  The workouts themselves are very solid as well.

Free Visual Workouts.

Want to play with Legos and build something awesome without stepping on them later?  Check out this new site and publish your creations below.

Build with Chrome.


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