Anyone can reach you any time in a seemingly endless number of ways. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Until you see pictures of teens and adults alike ignoring people in the same room because everyone is staring at their handheld devices.

The MMM blog has amazing personal finance advice, but this article helps out on the Nutrition front as well.

Get to it and learn some new recipes.

The Amazing Waist-Slimming, Wallet-Fattening Nutrient | Mr. Money Mustache.

Authenticity — what is it, who has it, and how do you get it? Most people associate authenticity with being true to oneself — or “walking the talk.” But there’s a problem with that association; it focuses on how you feel about yourself. Authenticity is actually a relational behavior, not a self-centered one. Meaning that to be truly authentic, you must not only be comfortable with yourself, but must also comfortably connect with others.

via To Be Authentic, Look Beyond Yourself – Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins – Harvard Business Review.

When is the best time to get a raise, to really push ahead? Check out this article and read some enlightening facts.

“The median individual by lifetime earnings experiences an earnings growth of 38% from ages 25 to 55, whereas for individuals in the 95th percentile, this figure is 230%; for those in the 99th percentile,this figure is almost 1500%.”

We’ve all had it happen to us, or done it to someone else.  Rejecting others isn’t a healthy way to work.  Here’s a great article on HBR’s site to help prevent rejection.

Preventing Rejection at Work – Judith E. Glaser – Harvard Business Review.

“When I quit my 9-5, I’m certainly not going to stop working. Spending all day watching TV or some other mindless activity would be torture. However, I’ll be working on the things that I love:

I’ll still write software (see the next question)
I’ll continue to write on this blog or another
I’ll make things out of wood in my garage
I’ll teach myself to weld so I can create metal dragonflies to adorn my home with.”

Once you start gaining traction on paying off your debt, you realize you were living beyond your means.  Then reality hits, and you need to deflate your lifestyle.

This is where a lot of people give up, and go back to normal.  Living in debt and beyond their means.

Check out this article for some help with beating that challenge instead of succumbing to it.

The Challenge of Lifestyle Deflation – The Simple Dollar.

Finding a job that allows for remote work or telecommuting on a regular basis can be difficult, but here are a few tips to help you land one.

via How Do I Find a Job that Will Let Me Telecommute?.

Coming up with your own schedule is just the first part of your argument. The second is formulating an actual plan and providing your boss with a case for your argument.

via How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Try a Four Day Work Week.

Having difficulty sleeping?

Worried about getting addicted to a prescription medicine?

Check out the article below on how to help.


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