The process for milk is simple: soak some nuts, wait, blend, and strain. It’s easy and cheaper than store-bought—I tried it recently and emerged a changed man. To make nut butters, all you do is measure and blend. The chart lists some other ingredients to add some flavor, but plain nut milk is tasty on it’s own.

via Make Your Own Nut Milk and Butters With This Visual Guide.

I would say “We don’t want to spend money on smartphones right now” instead of “We can’t afford smartphones.”

via Why I don’t say “We can’t afford that.” | Six Figures Under.

1. Are You Ready for the Social Pressure?

via Five Questions I Wish I’d Asked Before Quitting My Job for a Startup.

Snowballs and Snowflakes

The idea of a debt repayment plan was in part popularized by radio host Dave Ramsey, who modified the idea a little bit (by encouraging people to sort their debt by balance size) and referred to it as a “debt snowball.”

via How to Use the “Snowflake” Strategy for Debt Repayment – The Simple Dollar.

Tim Peters needed a full-time job. But he worried about how his side work might impact his chances. The marketing professional from Toronto had founded the Canadian Hero Fund, a nonprofit that offers scholarships to the family members of fallen soldiers. The organization had grown since he founded it in 2009 and was demanding more of his time.

via How to Moonlight Without the Worry – WSJ.

Whatever your individual style may be, it seems that understanding habit formation is useful for everyone, so we’ll be using the new tricks around here often.

via A Lifetime of Riches – Is it as Simple as a Few Habits?.

I Started to See How My Financial Behavior Affected Others

via Triggering the Spark of Financial Independence and Frugality – The Simple Dollar.

A) Who Are You?

People want to know they are talking to a good, honest, reliable person that they can trust and perhaps even like, or love.

Yes, love.

They won’t love you by looking at your resume.

You have to do method acting. Imagine what your body would feel like if they already said “Yes” even before you open your mouth.

You would be standing up straight, smiling, palms open, ready to close the deal. You have to method act at the beginning of your pitch.

If you are slouched and your head is sticking out, your brain is not as well-connected to your nervous system. When you’re slouched over, not only are you not using the full potential of your brain, but you look untrustworthy.

via How to Persuade Anyone in 10 Seconds.

7. You can become a workaholic in approximately 4 seconds.

Your day never ends if you’re not careful. You’ll check the weather on your iPhone at the dinner table and the next thing you know you’re completely ignoring your family as you catch up on emails.

via 7 things I learned in my 1st year of chasing a dream full time. – Jon Acuff.

Practice #11 – Construct Coherent Plans for Each Goal

via How to Become Your Own Life Coach with Fourteen Simple Strategies – The Simple Dollar.


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