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Adulthood Doesn’t Need To Happen All at Once

This is an error I made in my thinking post-college. I was so anxious to be a real, live grown-up that I wanted it to happen all at once. Mr. FW jokes that if I’d had my way, we would’ve graduated college, gotten married, bought a house and a car, and gotten pregnant all in the same month. He’s kind of right. Thank goodness a cooler head prevailed (his) and we waited before doing any of those things. At 22, I just didn’t have the perspective to see how young I was and how much time I had to navigate all of those milestones.

It can all wait
Sure, you might do all of those things immediately and it might all work out perfectly. But, don’t rush it. You have years to bring your dreams to fruition and time will give you maturity, insight, and certainty about your choices.

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