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How to Retire in Your 40s – Early To Rise

Retire debt and avoid new debt. Debt bothers this crowd. It may start with paying off a car or a college loan, or it may be a response to crippling credit card debt. But the habit is retained. These early retirees have a strong debt-avoidance drive. They pay off credit card debt, mortgages, and loans. They do it early and aggressively, preferring to sacrifice rather than stay imprisoned by lenders.

Take full advantage of employer savings—this means a 401k or Roth as a “no-brainer” investment vehicle. An employer savings or pension plan becomes a base to build from, a base with tax advantages unavailable elsewhere. Employment advantages includes healthcare, but surprisingly, our examples do not sacrifice psychological well-being and hang onto a position just for the money and benefits. A job that sucks the joy out of life is a job not worth having. The professional track allows them the opportunity for a lateral move.

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  1. This sounds like the recipe for a fulfilling life whether you retire early or not :).

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