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My Body Is The Most Expensive Thing I Own • Money After Graduation

But I bought this luxury. My body is the most expensive thing I own.

I spend $70 per month for my gym membership, which works out to $840 per year. I understand that you can choose to run outside and do bodyweight exercises at home, but I can’t have the body I want without a full weight room. Most women don’t realize there’s a major short-cut to the body they want: lifting heavy weights. The answer to being ultra-fit isn’t hours of cardio and knee push-ups, it’s doing squats with a barbell loaded up until it weighs more than you do.

I burn through 1 pair of shoes per year plus regularly purchase fitness apparel. This probably costs $500 per year. And then there’s my food. So much food and nutritional supplements. Together my fiancé and I spend about $600 per month on groceries, which is a lot for 2 people. I imagine the bill would be closer to $400 if we didn’t consume 2 chicken breasts each, every single day. I’ve outlined what a weight-lifting diet on a budget looks like, and it’s still not cheap, but it’s worth its price tag.

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