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The 7 Things I Do to Stay Fit While Traveling : zen habits

This is a huge victory for me, believe me. I don’t usually keep a good fitness routine while traveling — I try, but it’s never as good as when I’m home. This trip has been a big change for me, and today I’d like to share what has worked.

Here are 6 things I’ve been doing that have worked for me:

I keep the workout short and minimal. Every day, I alternate about 10 minutes of writing with my exercise for the day — either pushups or bodyweight squats. Just one bodyweight exercise, probably 4-6 sets (not including warmup sets) of as many as I can do. That’s it. But even with that minimal exercise, I’ve increased strength in those exercises and I feel that it’s been working fairly well. And because the workout is so simple, it’s hard to say no to it. But that’s not all I do for the day! More below.

via The 7 Things I Do to Stay Fit While Traveling : zen habits.

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