3 Tricks for ALL-Day Energy – Early To Rise

Trick 3: Set boundaries for the Energy Suckers—or weed them out of your life.
This may seem hard at first. Take baby steps toward change. Choose to do this out of Respect for your health and happiness!

Look at the list of Energy Suckers.
Choose 1 or 2 that you are most ready and willing to cut down or cut out.
Make a plan to reduce your exposure starting now. Don’t wait!
When I moved into my new apartment I decided to not hook up my cable. I essentially stopped watching TV—something I did every night since college—and it’s been so liberating!

This is your life. You are responsible for your health and well being.

It may be hard to make changes, but if you take little steps toward your goals you will be unstoppable.

Healing, joy, peace, and prosperity are within your reach!

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