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Why You Should Carry a Notebook with You Everywhere – 99u

By using one notebook, you’ll find a lot of smaller ideas that otherwise might have eventually gotten pushed aside for the meatier, well developed concepts. Those are the real gems. Creative director and illustrator Kevin Lyons explains how he tries to use every one of his ideas:

No matter what I’m doing, I’m not an artist. I know I say that and people think that I’m being sarcastic or facetious or whatever. But I am really not because I approach things always with a designer’s mentality, even when I am doing so called ‘art’. I’ll do a zine that’s all the post it notes of me making monsters while I’ve been on the phone… Almost everything I do will eventually get seen. I’m like an old time chef that uses the entire animal, you know, cooks every part of the animal.

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