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  • The Complete Guide to Zerchers | T Nation

    The Zercher squat can build quads better than the front squat. It can jack up your traps better than shrugs. It can give you a core of steel faster than most ab work. It can even give you bigger biceps. But you probably aren’t doing it because: It’s brutally hard. It hurts. You don’t know […]

  • To Strap or Not to Strap | BodyRecomposition

    So here’s an optimal compromise that will both ensure some grip training, ensure that your training doesn’t suffer and maybe make everybody happy.  Assuming grip is important, start pulling workouts without straps.  Depending on how good your grip is you’ll eventually find grip starting to become limiting.  It might be on your fourth sets of […]

  • Lift for Life Competition

    This weekend the owner competed in the Lift for Life competition and fundraiser for the MDA.  Below are the videos from the squat and deadlift.   Check them out.