You May Be Wasting Money On These 7 Things – Making Sense Of Cents

7. Debt.

You are wasting your money if you have high interest rate debt. This is due to interest charges you are paying that will just keep building up until you are able to pay it off.

If you have never done so, I want you to add up how much in interest you are paying each day and each month towards all of your debt. I bet you will be shocked!

What you can do: Yes, there are strategic reasons to keep debt, but if you do not have a strategic reason, then paying it off is most likely your best bet as interest charges can be a waste of money.

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Financially Brainwashed – Staying Poor & Fearing Wealth –

Brainwashed By Advertising
Oh sweet marketing and advertising…what have you done to us?  Credit cards, car dealerships, mortgage and home companies and every other corporation has conditioned our brains to think that living with debt is no big deal.
It also shows the poor marketing on the side of financial companies as well who have a superior product to build wealth and yet many people continually fear it. Probably comes from the fact that small investors don’t make them much money so you may not be the target.  We just can’t seem to educate ourselves enough to trust investments.  Families that have experience investing usually have kids that invest…funny how that happens.

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The Truth About Being Broke

The modern society has people buying things they do not really care about to impress people they care even less about.  All the while racking up debts that then own them.

Lifehacker has a great a article on how this can spiral out of control with a link to Get Rich Slowly, a Personal Finance blog that I highly recommend.

The Truth About Being Broke.