Strength Training Will Get You Far… Even Through a Half-Marathon | StrongFirst

MENTAL AND PHYSICAL CHALLENGES, AND A CHANGE IN PLANS When I signed up to do the Brooklyn Half, my body felt great. But the moment I started training runs, my hip started giving me trouble. So I stopped running, but continued my strength training: a 6-day-a-week barbell and kettlebell training program starting 2 months out from the […]

The History of Obstacle Courses for Military Fitness, Sport, and All-Around Toughness | The Art of Manliness

The rise of set, intentionally-constructed obstacle courses would largely have to wait until the 19th century. In Europe, this period saw a significant upswing of interest in physical fitness, which rose in tandem with feelings of nationalism that were surging in the continent’s respective countries. Frequent wars had shown nations like France, Britain, and Germany the necessity of keeping their […]

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising

Apparently Healthy but Deconditioned Individuals So what happens to the body when physical activity comes to a grinding halt? People, be they elite athletes or regular gym-goers, get injured, take extended fitness breaks, or simply lose interest. Exercise physiologists refer to such people as “apparently healthy but deconditioned individuals,” and the effects of detraining are […]

Prisoner Workout: Bodyweight Workouts | The Art of Manliness

… Typewriter Pull-up. Grab the bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up until your sternum is at the bar. Now, move your body toward one hand, taking some of the weight off the opposite hand. Keep your sternum at the bar. Return your body to the center and repeat […]

6 Tips for Gym Newbies | The Art of Manliness

When we did a survey last year asking readers what subjects they’d like to see AoM cover, one of the requests that popped up a few times was more beginner fitness articles. We get it — it can be intimidating to watch our YouTube videos with Mark Rippetoe and read articles about intense kettlebell training. If […]

My Body Is The Most Expensive Thing I Own • Money After Graduation

But I bought this luxury. My body is the most expensive thing I own. I spend $70 per month for my gym membership, which works out to $840 per year. I understand that you can choose to run outside and do bodyweight exercises at home, but I can’t have the body I want without a full […]