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[Seven] Basic Human Movements | StrongFirst

GRINDS in kettlebell practice are the slow exercises – the ones you want to perform for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps, such as presses, deadlifts, squats and get-ups. BALLISTICS are the quick lifts — such as swings and snatches — that are to be performed for however many reps before form degrades from fatigue, or before power output diminishes. Typically, this falls between 10-20 reps.

The 7 basic human movements are combined from Master SFGs Dan John and David Whitley. Dan’s 5 movements are:

1. Push
2. Pull
3. Hinge
4. Squat
5. Loaded Carry

After assisting a workshop with MSFG David Whitley, I added:

1. Rotation
2. Counter-rotation (fighting against rotation)

via [Seven] Basic Human Movements | StrongFirst.


Lift for Life Competition

This weekend the owner competed in the Lift for Life competition and fundraiser for the MDA.  Below are the videos from the squat and deadlift.   Check them out.