Today is the 6th edition of our new periodic guest post series called 10 Questions. We have a list of 17 NEW questions we pose to fellow financial bloggers, and they are free to pick and choose 10 or answer all of them. Let us know if you would like to be featured in a future edition of 10 Questions. (If you have already answered the first set of 10 questions, please feel free to answer these new ones.)

Today, we feature the Goblin Chief and his responses are a worthy read. His answer to the question, ‘Do you enjoy writing?’ particularly resonates with me. The Chief and I seem to write for the exact same reasons and perhaps we’re kindred spirits. Well, that and the love of biking, hiking and board games.

via 10 Questions with The Goblin Chief – 1500 Days to Freedom1500 Days to Freedom.

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