Password Trigger: “Make your passwords a goal you want to accomplish so every time you log into your laptop, download an app, etc. you’re reminded of a different goal you have set for yourself. BEdebtFREE!2016, DEC15FinishBook, DrinkH20NowJ$ :)” – Heather Stephens

Pile of Crap Trigger: “When I was in credit card debt and realized what I was doing, I piled up all of the crap I bought onto my bed and took a picture of it all. Then I carried that picture in my wallet. Whenever I wanted to buy something I saw that picture and it made me think, “is this just going to end up on the pile of crap that I don’t even use/wear?” It really helped me a lot.” – Jon @ Money Smart Guides

via 20+ Triggers to Hack Your Life & Money | Budgets Are Sexy.

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