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Month: November 2012

7 Steps to World Travel – Afford Anything | Afford Anything

This blog has lots of great tips, but here’s one of my favorites.

Engadget’s tablet buyer’s guide: fall 2012 edition

I know we love our tablets, here’s what engadget has to say about a few of them.

The Future of Star Wars Movies – Interview with George Lucas

While George Lucas isn’t making new Star Wars Movies, someone else will be.

The Future of Star Wars Movies – YouTube.


The Get Off Your Rear Manifesto: How to Motivate Yourself to Actually Achieve Your Goals —

So you’ve been meaning to contact us and start working on a plan to reach your goals, or have just fallen into the “someday” dolrums. ┬áHere’s a great article on how to get moving.

How to Motivate Yourself

Link and image from

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