Owning Less is Great. Wanting Less is Better.

Since deciding to own less, I’ve experienced countless benefits: more time, more money, more freedom, more energy, less stress, and less distraction. Owning less provides me the opportunity to pursue my greatest passions. It’s great. And I’ll never go back to my previous lifestyle. But along the way, I discovered something even better than owning […]

Guilt Is A Wasted Emotion – Frugalwoods

Abandon Guilt, Embrace Your Truth While there’s certainly merit in learning from others and sharing our stories, I find that blatant comparison almost always yields frustration or guilt. We only have incomplete understandings of other people’s lives and trying to model our choices off of theirs is naturally flawed. Hiding her face in shame: not very productive, […]

The 12 Essential Lessons I Want to Share About Money & Life – Afford Anything

#1: You Can Afford Anything. You Just Can’t Afford Everything. Don’t tell me your values. Show me how you spend your money, and I’ll know what you value. Don’t tell me, for example, that you “can’t afford” to travel the globe or invest for retirement if you’re simultaneously buying nice clothes and hitting the bars. […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Rental Home – Early To Rise

Number 6:  Stick close to home. This one is debated a lot.  Some of the very best deals these days are in cities like Detroit.  However, if you live in Oklahoma, trying to buy right and manage a rental property in a city far away is probably not the right path.  Later maybe, but not […]

Investing 101: A primer on mutual funds

Mutual fund types Initially, mutual funds only invested in equities (stocks). Because the bond market is roughly twice the size of the stock market, it didn’t take long for mutual funds to start investing in bonds too. As time passed, the number of funds increased as they began to specialize in certain types of investments: […]

Top 10 Best Things About Living the Hotel Lifestyle | Plibby’s Blog

2. No bills. Before I woke up from the “American dream,” I owned a house and a car, both which came with lots of bills.  With the hotel lifestyle, I pay no utilities, no property insurance, no property taxes, etc.  I also don’t have any unexpected fees or risk of fines. Instead, virtually every expense I have is on […]

Buying a SIM card in the Colombian Mountains | The G: Files

But, what SIM card or company should you use before heading abroad. First, if you have T-Mobile, there is free data and texting through their partner MoviStar. No LTE in the countryside where we are, but there is strong 3G-HSPA. With WhatsApp and Hangouts over data, there isn’t a big need for actual phone calls, as […]

The Joy That Comes When Less Is Enough – Frugalwoods

Our culture espouses continual consumption as the answer to all ills. But in reality, it only serves to chain us to the consumer carousel of endless buying. Conversely, if we allow ourselves to step outside of this buying-focused mindset, we can start to address the actual stuff of life. How are we fulfilled? Where are we happiest? […]