The 9 Best Places to Teach English Overseas

Spain — In last few years (and despite the economic downturn), Spain has become one of the premier places to teach English. There are plenty of jobs, the government has an active program for attracting teachers, and your visa means you can freely travel around Europe. There are also many opportunities to teach private lessons […]

Happiness Is a Superpower : The Art of Non-Conformity

Finding happiness isn’t simple as stating the obvious: sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll—or whatever the short-term equivalent might be—won’t bring you happiness. Hopefully, most of us either know this intuitively or have figured it out without too much damage. And it’s not as easy to find as some might say, for ultimately happiness is […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Rental Home – Early To Rise

Number 6:  Stick close to home. This one is debated a lot.  Some of the very best deals these days are in cities like Detroit.  However, if you live in Oklahoma, trying to buy right and manage a rental property in a city far away is probably not the right path.  Later maybe, but not […]

Keep Your Budget Intact by Preparing for These Three Common Pitfalls

Sticking to a budget is more than just keeping your spending under control. Yes, that’s important, but unexpected financial pitfalls can completely blindside you and wreck your budget, too. These fall under three basic categories. Financial writer Trea Branch rounds up three general pitfalls that can wreck your budget. Here they are, along with a […]

30 Fast Tips for a More Frugal Life – Early To Rise

6. PAY WITH CASH “To help prevent going over your budget, especially when shopping at a mall or store, use cash,” said Daniel Fayette in his one-minute money tip. If your bank account balance tends to get too close for comfort to $0 each month, this is a smart trick to keep your spending on […]

Immediate Happiness, Success, and Less Stress in 3 Simple Steps – Early To Rise

#1 ~ Identify Your Personal Negative Beliefs Write down the most common negative comments you think and speak about yourself or your situation? Examples: “I’m no good at (blank).” “I’m ugly, fat, stupid.” “I can’t articulate.” “I’m so insecure.” “I’m afraid of (blank).” “People disrespect me.” “I can’t think clearly.” via Immediate Happiness, Success, and […]

Celebrating Two Years of Early Retirement | Root of Good

Keeping finances on track After two years, we are $235,000 wealthier than when I left my job.  Around $120,000 of that net worth boost came from Mrs. Root of Good’s salary since she continued working even after we reached financial independence (more on that decision below). The other $100,000+ of net worth growth came from […]

Mozart and Beethoven’s Secret Weapon – Early To Rise

Of course, there is always a Black Sheep in any fraternity. Take Chopin, my favorite composer. He was a late riser and composed in the afternoons, relying on bursts of creativity. While he did not follow a rigid schedule, he came up with many of his ideas while walking. It was said that once an idea was […]

Frugality Gives Us Options – Frugalwoods

hat Frugality Can Do For You Through talking with and learning from all of you, I’ve gleaned that no matter what precise path you’re on in life, the universal truth is that–without fail–frugality gives you options. The only demographic this doesn’t ring true for are the billionaires of the world–after all, they can pretty much […]