Of course, there is always a Black Sheep in any fraternity. Take Chopin, my favorite composer. He was a late riser and composed in the afternoons, relying on bursts of creativity. While he did not follow a rigid schedule, he came up with many of his ideas while walking. It was said that once an idea was in Chopin’s head, he worked like a maniac, sometimes shutting himself off in a room for entire days. Perhaps that contributed to his death at the age of 39.

Fruitful walks were a common element amongst the best-known composers and authors in history. But there is one secret weapon of productivity that is still more important than taking an afternoon stroll outside.

This tool, one that is available to everyone, is called Magic Time. It is the period during the  day when you are three to five times more productive, effective, and focused than at any other point in the day.

via Mozart and Beethoven’s Secret Weapon – Early To Rise.

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