The Frugalwoods Guide To A Very Frugal (yet still awesome) College Experience
1) Choose an inexpensive school.

OK, I realize this proverbial horse may already be out of its proverbial barn, but I wouldn’t be a true frugal weirdo if I didn’t highlight the #1 way to avoid student loan debt. This is, in my humble frugal opinion, one of the best ways to set yourself up for a lifetime of freedom from debt. For many people, their debt originates with their student loans and builds from there. If you can avoid this genesis debt, you’ll be in great shape to avoid all other forms of debt too.

Mr. Frugalwoods and I went to an inexpensive state school with an excellent reputation and a ton of degree programs to choose from. Our annual tuition was so low that we were able to pay it in full every year with major assistance from our parents (thank you parents!), scholarships, and our on-campus jobs. We thus emerged with a whopping $0 in debt after our four-year stint. A fairly rare occurrence for our age cohort and one that we’re tremendously grateful for.

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