This time of year everyone starts thinking about resolutions.  We get all excited about the new year, a new beginning.  A time to press ‘Reset’ on past habits.

Have you started something new on a Monday though?  Were you burnt out by the end of the week?

Mondays for most symbolize the start of a week of work/school/drudgery.  Adding something new to that can stress anyone out.

This week, month, year, try starting things on a Friday, or even a Thursday.  Take the first part of the week to plan anything you’ll need to start.

  • Food – plan new meals (we use , for 7$/month they do the planning for us), research non-fad diets (paleo, slow carb, etc)
  • Physical Training – Find a workout plan or trainer (in Knoxville check out Frankie’s Body Shop )
  • Quit start / habits – Research motivation online, at a library, or through friends who did what you want to do

Then on Friday, be glad its Friday, and kick off the ‘new you’ with the right energy and knowledge to get the job done.


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