So how do two people (that’d be us) who only spent $13,000 (plus our mortgage) in all of 2014 manage to live a luxurious life? We only spend in service of our life goals and on what we genuinely value. We don’t let anyone else dictate how we should structure our spending, we don’t fall victim to our culture’s clarion call to buy buy buy, and we don’t care what anyone else thinks of us (my decision to cease buying clothes and stop wearing makeup are elements of this). We’re serenely at ease in our frugal skin and when we do spend money, it’s because we want to, not because we feel we have to.

Once Mr. FW and I taught ourselves to strip away all of the external reasons why we were spending money–to impress others, to keep up with our friends’ spending, to follow someone else’s advice, to adhere to cultural norms–we concluded there’s very little we need to buy in order to live our version of the good life.

via Strategic Luxury: The Difference Between Frugality And Miserliness  – Frugalwoods.

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