If You Find Joy in Exercise, You’re Less Likely to Look for Joy in Food

A 2014 research review found in Marketing Letters examined three studies that explored the relationship between diet and exercise for weight loss. Interestingly, the review looked at the association between people’s framing of exercise as fun and their subsequent food choices. It concluded that those who perceived exercise as a fun activity (and not just […]

Three Things I Know Are True: Exercise : The Art of Non-Conformity

… I’ve been attempting to find “true north” in a lot of things lately. This series explores what I’ve found to be true in my own life. Your answers will probably differ; the point is to find what’s true for you. Today’s topic is exercise. Here are three things I know are true. … via […]

How to Defeat the Most Common Self-Fulfilling Fitness Prophecies

The answer might come from researcher Dr. Carol Dweck, pioneer of the concept of “growth” and “fixed” mindsets. People with a fixed mindset believe abilities and talents are immutable traits; you either have them or you don’t. They take negative feedback personally because they don’t differentiate between their performance and themselves. They avoid challenge and […]

Keep a Fitness Journal to Prevent Excuses

Another trick is to think of yourself as a friend who’s asking for advice. Interestingly, people are great at seeing the rationalizations and lies of others, but are vulnerable to their own. By pretending that your situation is a friend’s instead, you’ll be more capable of defending yourself. via Keep a Fitness Journal to Prevent […]

The Case for Replacing Exercise with Play : zen habits

We procrastinate when it comes to exercise, even when we know it’s good for us. Even when we know that we’ll feel better afterward. It sucks because it’s just another difficult chore that we’re adding to our already full days. And even when we have nothing to do, the lure of digital fun is much […]

Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Daily Routine – Lifehacker

Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Daily Routine – Lifehacker. 1. Wake Up 2. Make Breakfast Fast and Cheap 3. Go to Work Late (or Early) 4. Better Organize Your Work Day 5. Cut Out Tedious Tasks at Work with Text Expansion 6. Enjoy Your Time at the Office More 7. Stay Productive All Day […]