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8. Eliminate/cut back on social media and/or TV.

Our minds are greatly influenced by what we see on TV and on social media. Plus, it can be a huge waste of time.

Instead of turning on the TV or looking at social media the next time you are bored, you may want to try to do something more worthwhile such as working out, spending time with friends and family, reading a book, and so on.

Daily challenge: Every so often, try to completely cut out TV and/or social media for the day or even longer if you prefer.

9. Keep a journal.

While I don’t have a journal, I do have this blog, which acts as a journal in a way.

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Goals Motivation

Get Rich With: Your Own Urban Tribe

Such a life is not just the quaint habit of a few lucky rich people in a friendly, safe neighborhood. It is the foundation of human civilization itself. We are meant to live in medium-sized groups, to walk between each other’s dwellings, and to collaborate and play freely with an abundance of unscheduled free time. When you start with these basic building blocks of a community, you automatically press your happiness buttons and suddenly start living a much happier, healthier life.

Lessons in Tribalism from my Summer Vacation

This summer, I had an unusually action-packed trip as I made my way through the cities of Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and surrounding spots in Canada to visit friends and family. With our own lifestyle so bright in my mind, it was fascinating to see how other people live.

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Goals Time

Top 10 Best Things About Living the Hotel Lifestyle | Plibby’s Blog

2. No bills. Before I woke up from the “American dream,” I owned a house and a car, both which came with lots of bills.  With the hotel lifestyle, I pay no utilities, no property insurance, no property taxes, etc.  I also don’t have any unexpected fees or risk of fines. Instead, virtually every expense I have is on one credit card. I researched and found the best credit card for my lifestyle: the American Express Blue Sky Preferred card. It pays double points for hotels and restaurants.  If a restaurant or service provider does not accept American Express, I use my bank Visa.  I set up alerts to keep an eye on things on my credit card and checking account balances, but other than that, my life finances are simple and automated.

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Motivation Time

Live More Than One Lifetime

I think we all have the potential to live more than one lifetime. Or even three or four lifetimes. There’s no reason you can’t spend five years being a philosopher before taking a decade to then master carpentry… or music. Then maybe you move on to protecting wildlife. Or perhaps you spend the first ten years out of college dedicated to your career before downshifting to being a stay-at-home parent. The possibilities are almost endless. But don’t box yourself (or others) in. And don’t be afraid to die. Or live.

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Business Goals Time

Stop Apologizing for Wanting Work/Life Balance

“I won’t kid you. This stuff was scary. I had to train myself to get away, to actively practice this work-life balance thing. And I had to believe it would all work out.”


Lift for Life Competition

This weekend the owner competed in the Lift for Life competition and fundraiser for the MDA.  Below are the videos from the squat and deadlift.   Check them out.