5 ways to become a morning person (or at least fake it) – Early To Rise

Get moving. No you don’t have to do an hour of cardio or run 4 miles each morning (unless of course you want to!). A short, targeted workout, or even a walk with your pet, can energize you for the entire morning — and yield fitness results. Research shows that getting in just 21 minutes of […]

Making the Right Decisions for Your Life – Early To Rise

To do this, we must spend more time with happy go-lucky people and less time with those that drag us back towards our negative tendencies, whether that is cynicism, gossiping, or belittling others. Spend more time with the people that make you smile. Mix it up with the kids at your next family event. Enjoy […]

Overrated vs. Underrated: Common Beliefs We Get Wrong | James Clear

Overrated: Unrestricted freedom. Underrated: Carefully designed constraints. Constraints actually increase our skill development rather than restrict it. We need lines to show us where to add color, not a blank canvas to draw on. As an entrepreneur, I struggled to manage myself until I realized that I needed to add some structure to my day. […]

Turn a Rough Morning Into a Great Day by Dressing How You Want to Feel

…wearing clothes that are easy to slouch in can encourage you to, well, slouch… Put on your favorite dress or smartest blazer, shine your shoes, take time with your hair. Have you heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the one you have?” The same thing goes for moods. If you reach […]

White Collar Freedom: Staying Financially Fit, ‘365-days-a-year’

The first mystically appears 3 times a year – January (when they make their new year resolutions), June (when they realize they’ve put on some weight) and December (when they valiantly attempt to bridge the gap between their current state and what they wrote down in January). Then there’s the second type – those who […]