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  • Some Thoughts About Living on $29 a Week for Food – The Simple Dollar

    Many of the meals that my family truly enjoys are made out of just a few ingredients. My family loves spaghetti night. I just boil up a box of spaghetti noodles and, for a sauce, mix together one can of tomato sauce, a few dashes Italian herbs from the pantry, and either an additional can […]

  • Handling Jealousy of Other People’s Affluence – The Simple Dollar

    From the outside, we only see the positive side of affluence. We see the amazing house. We see the shiny car. We see the nice clothes. We see the amazing travel. When we compare those elements on their own to the elements in our own life, we feel a tinge of jealousy. Those elements are […]

  • Boredom Is a Choice | The Simple Dollar

    A great line from the article, “boredom is a choice that you make when the first thing or two you think of to do is unavailable to you” Boredom is a choice. If you’re bored during your financial recovery, you’re choosing to be bored. via Boredom Is a Choice | The Simple Dollar.

  • The Simple Dollar » Turning the Corner with a Side Business

    Finally, do you have a sensible grasp of your accounting needs? Paying taxes, continuing to save for future goals, and maintaining a working household budget are tricky things to juggle when you’re self-employed welcome to quarterly taxes!. You’ve got to have a plan for keeping things in order or else you’re going to wind up […]

  • Good Hours, Not More Hours – The Simple Dollar

    This article hits pretty close to home.  My main hours where I’m “on” are about 10-1, and 3-6.  When are your ‘good hours’ of the day? While you may be at work longer or at different times try to keep your main projects scheduled for when you’re firing on all cylinders as it were. http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2011/06/04/good-hours-not-more-hours/

  • The Simple Dollar » Five Elements of a Successful Goal (From My Experience)

    1. Extract a goal from your most painful experiences. 2. Bury yourself in reading about the goal. 3. Develop a plan that includes a series of very simple actions that will take you to that goal. 4. Take your first action within a day of coming up with the plan 5. Keep a very visible record of […]