Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks – HBR

My research revealed that men were just as likely as women to have trouble with these “always on” expectations. However, men often coped with these demands in ways that differed strikingly. Women who had trouble with the work hours tended to simply to take formal accommodations, reducing their work hours, but also revealing their inability to […]

Dear Workaholics, This Is an Intervention – 99U

Workaholism stems from a deep psychological belief that if we’re not working, we should be. Any time spent not attending back-to-back meetings, or swimming through an endless barrage of emails, or repeatedly re-prioritizing a to-do list, feels like wasted time. If we don’t work constantly, we mentally beat ourselves up. via Dear Workaholics, This Is […]

Workaholism: an occupational hazard for web workers? — Online Collaboration

Among the joys of web work is the freedom to create a more porous boundary between your personal and working life. Need to pop out to take your kids to swim lessons in the middle of the day? If you’re a web worker, that’s not a problem. Or conversely, if you have a huge deadline […]