I multithread and task-switch frequently
I’ve obviously had a lot of parallel stuff on the go at once; multiple blog posts, speaking events, community interactions, HIBP then naturally all those Pluralsight courses and a full time job. I regularly switch between all of them which means I might be bang in the middle of doing something in HIBP then have a great idea for a blog post so I’ll go and churn out a para or two there then jump back. I get an itch that I want to scratch but am happy then flicking back over to the other context maybe 15 minutes later.

I’ll also tackle multiple things at once. That might mean being on a conference call and also responding to emails (I’m happy listening and writing at the same time) or doing the social media bit while waiting for an HIBP deployment to run. Rapid context switching and multitasking have been extremely useful in many scenarios. I’m fully conscious that this way of working isn’t for everyone, but I find it very effective for me.

via Troy Hunt: How I optimised my life to make my job redundant.

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