“Have a plan and a direction. Know what you want to accomplish: not just for the day, but in the big picture,” Strauss said. With a clear schedule and mind, and a focused to-do list that has been properly seeded with preparation from the night before, you’ll be able to wake up as productive as possible. You might even find the early morning is your Magic Time.

If you want to get ahead in life, get up early. It might not be politically correct, but that’s how the world works today, even for Presidents. Stay in bed and you’ll regret it, or get up earlier and achieve more in life.

Your challenge: Get up and start working at least fifteen minutes earlier next week. Don’t let anything or anyone pollute your mind. Attack your work first thing in the morning. I guarantee you’ll get more done and get ahead. You might even be happier.

via Your Morning Challenge – Early To Rise.

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