The airline CEO teaches me a new idea. | Jon Acuff’s Blog

What if that was enough in life? What if you didn’t have to have it all figured out? What if you didn’t have to know exactly what your dream was and how to achieve it? What if you didn’t have to be the perfect student, perfect boss, perfect parent or perfect anything? What if your […]

Embrace Work-Life Imbalance – Harvard Business Review

Work/Life balance is very trendy topic at the moment. “Most of the studies on the harmful effects of excessive work rely on subjective evaluations of work “overload.” They fail to disentangle respondents’ beliefs and emotions about work. If something bores you, it will surely seem tedious. When you hate your job, you will register any amount of […]

How to Be Assertive | The Art of Manliness

You order an expensive steak at a restaurant, but when the waiter brings it to you it’s way over-cooked. When he asks, “How is everything?” you respond, “Fine,” while you glumly saw your charred hunk of meat.  You want to take a jiu-jitsu class, but you don’t think your wife will be too happy with you spending […]

30 Things you Should Know to Help you Start a Photography Business

Have you been debating internally about starting a Photography business?  Know a friend who keeps saying ‘someday I’ll start one…’ Here’s a great article to help get the ball rolling. 30 Things you Should Know to Help you Start a Photography Business.