Nine Cognitive Biases You Need to Understand to Master Your Money – The Simple Dollar

In cognitive science, choice-supportive bias is the tendency to retroactively ascribe positive attributes to an option one has selected. It is a cognitive bias. For example, if a person buys a computer from Apple instead of a computer (PC) running Windows, they are likely to ignore or downplay the faults of Apple computers while amplifying […]

Simple and Sinister in a Rehabilitation Setting | StrongFirst

I will finish with a caveat. I am a healthcare professional with many good friends in the field of strength and conditioning and rehabilitation.  I also have many years of experience in weight training and injury care and prevention. If you have torn your distal biceps tendon, seek advice from physicians and physical therapists who […]

Things People in the Finance Industry Don’t Want You to Know – A Wealth of Common SenseA Wealth of Common Sense

There’s no such thing as “smart money.” Everyone likes to poke fun at mom and pop investors, but the professionals are just as likely to succomb to performance chasing and cognitive dissonance. There are countless examples of intelligent investors blowing themselves up through the misuse of leverage or a trade gone wrong. Somehow the smart money […]

Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks – HBR

My research revealed that men were just as likely as women to have trouble with these “always on” expectations. However, men often coped with these demands in ways that differed strikingly. Women who had trouble with the work hours tended to simply to take formal accommodations, reducing their work hours, but also revealing their inability to […]

The Surprising Benefits of Giving Money Away | The Art of Manliness

Did you ever read that classic book when you were a kid — Paddle-to-the-Sea? A young boy carves a wooden canoe and tosses it into a stream. The big question is where will it go? What will it do? Giving away money is like that. No matter how old we are, there’s something cool about […]

8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing to Wear the Same Thing Every Day

2. Less time wasted. We have no idea how much of a burden our possessions have become until we begin to remove them. But when we do, we immediately discover a new life of freedom and opportunity. It was almost five years ago that I first experimented with Project 333—a personal challenge of wearing only 33 […]

10 Questions with Go Curry Cracker! – 1500 Days to Freedom

The below interview goes into the life of a 30 something couple in Early Retirement.  Read on through to the link to see what a typical day is like and more. … Any difficulty adapting to your new life? Releasing baby turtles into the sunset, Puerto Escondido, Mexico Even 6 months after leaving the workplace, I […]

How To Reduce Stress and Emotional Spending – Making Sense Of Cents

5. Stick to a budget. With this post, I’m not trying to say that you should cut out all spending. Instead, you should create a budget for yourself and still include some fun spending as long as it fits in your budget. A budget is great because it can help keep you in check when it comes to […]