The weight of our possessions – Real estate – The Boston Globe

As a decluttering expert, the work I do sometimes overlaps with the efforts of researchers who study hoarding. There are differences between people who are merely heavily cluttered and those who are hoarders. But they’re not always far apart when it comes to specific attitudes. via The weight of our possessions – Real estate – […]

The Art of Small Talk: 5 Questions Never to Ask | The Art of Manliness

“When are you guys going to have kids?” This seems like a common, fairly innocuous question. Except when the couple you level your query at has been trying to have kids without success. Then your friendly question just becomes another shake of salt on the wound. And there’s no good response for the couple to […]

White Collar Freedom: Voices In The Other Room

“You don’t get it! He’s not gonna make it….there’s something he clearly does not get. He’s put himself in such a bad position” – yelled one. Another chipped in, “Well, he’s just being ungrateful. Why would anyone give up the stability of a job and a paycheck for something that’s uncertain?”. “I think he should […]

Breaking Out of that Fitness Funk | Power Systems Blog

This blog goes out to those of you that think picking at your calluses while in a social setting it acceptable behavior (which totally is); those of you who proudly participated in the “aerobics era” (and have the thong leotard to prove it) and are still stepping along; those of you who call gym clothes […]

A Married Person’s Guide To Love And Frugality – Frugaling

More important than our practical applications of frugality (say through our $0.39 rice-and-beans lunches) is our shared financial outlook, which guides how we’ve decided to structure our lives. Mr. Frugalwoods and I feel incredibly fortunate that we found each other and evolved together into the frugal weirdos we are today. Our united approach to money […]

102 Things to Do on a Money-Free Weekend – The Simple Dollar

So, here we go – a hundred fun ways to spend a money-free weekend. The list below includes the first 45 (with duplicates removed), plus about 60 new ones. If you’re inspired to try your own money-free weekend, hopefully this guide can act as a master list of things to do to make it more enjoyable. (Also, another productive way […]

Why You Need Boredom, Distraction, and Procrastination in Your Life

Insight problems involve thinking outside the box. This is where susceptibility to “distraction” can be of benefit. At off-peak times we are less focused, and may consider a broader range of information. This wider scope gives us access to more alternatives and diverse interpretations, thus fostering innovation and insight. Indeed, [the study] found that participants […]

The Investments We Make Into Our Lives

For example, many people will encourage you to invest in a quality bed and mattress. Healthy sleep is important because it provides the foundation and energy for how we spend our days. This seems like wise advice. Buying a quality bed is an investment into my life. Additionally, I would argue that healthy food, quality […]

3 N.E.A.T. Ways To Lose 32 lbs. and Extend Retirement By Two Years | Retire29

The concept of N.E.A.T. only works for so long. Just as with expenses, there are only so many cable/cell phone bills to cut, cars to downsize, memberships to cancel, CFLs to screw in, and insurance plans to change. As the easy-to-cut expenses fall away, then you need to start biking more, wrapping your hot water […]