5 Simple Ways to Live an Abundant Life through Self Simplicity

“Being a minimalist means that you value yourself more than material things.” —Brian Gardner We often think of minimalism as shedding away our external possessions and living with only the essentials. Certainly, this is very much part of it. But I am learning the journey is not just external, it is also internal. To experience […]

23 Reasons Why You Will Always Be Poor – Early To Rise

1. YOU’RE STUCK IN A DEBT TRAP “When you’re poor, it’s easy to get stuck in a debt trap because you’re desperate,” said Kristin Wong of Brokepedia. “Whether it’s a payday loan, debt settlement scam, or even just using a credit card for an emergency, it’s easy to make rash decisions when you’re stressed, and […]

I’m rich Baby! (And follow your Heart) – 1500 Days to Freedom1500 Days to Freedom

… Matt and his wife are 1 Percenters, but like Mike, don’t ever seem to be satisfied. A couple years ago, they spent $700,000 remodeling the kitchen in their Illinois place. Yes, $700,000 for a *&^%ing kitchen remodel. Shortly after that, they traded in their million dollar ski condo for one that was a bit closer […]

Embracing Adventure Close to Home | The Art of Manliness

Do you have an itch for more adventure in your life? Do you want to get out and explore more, but don’t have the time or money to undertake a major, globe-trotting expedition? Maybe this longing has made you feel frustrated and stuck. If that sounds like you, allow me to suggest embracing the microadventure. […]

Top 10 Unusual Ways to Make Your To-Do List Actually Doable

10. Formulate Your To-Do List with Three Things: Must, Should, and Want To stay productive and sane, start your to-do list with three entries: something you must do (an immediate important task), something you should do (something that contributes to your long-term goals), and something you genuinely want to do. This provides a good balance […]

Privacy Isn’t Just Digital: What I Learned In Private Investigations

More often than not, the investigations that my company carried out were only possible because of the carelessness of the subjects they were investigating. While investigating potential insurance fraud is a relatively on-the-level business, these same people were just as vulnerable to stalkers, scammers, or themselves. Everything from accidentally texting sensitive photos of yourself to […]