10. Formulate Your To-Do List with Three Things: Must, Should, and Want

To stay productive and sane, start your to-do list with three entries: something you must do (an immediate important task), something you should do (something that contributes to your long-term goals), and something you genuinely want to do. This provides a good balance between your short-term and long-term goals and includes something that makes you happy.

9. Keep an Electronic and a Paper To-Do List to Prioritize Your Task

Everyone’s trying to go paperless, but hear me out: a second paper to-do list can complement your digital one. The digital one can be your massive brain dump of every task you have to do, while the paper one can serve as your daily list to keep you focused and less overwhelmed.

via Top 10 Unusual Ways to Make Your To-Do List Actually Doable.

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