The concept of N.E.A.T. only works for so long. Just as with expenses, there are only so many cable/cell phone bills to cut, cars to downsize, memberships to cancel, CFLs to screw in, and insurance plans to change. As the easy-to-cut expenses fall away, then you need to start biking more, wrapping your hot water heater, cutting your tax bill, and hanging your wet laundry. Same with weight. As you enter your target weight range, your body will require you to start being more deliberate. The easy weight is gone, so now I’ve started to bike to the park-and-ride instead of drive, force myself to take walks during lunch, eat more healthily, and do some quick and dirty muscle work each day. I feel great and (I think) look pretty fantastic; overall, I feel better each day.

via 3 N.E.A.T. Ways To Lose 32 lbs. and Extend Retirement By Two Years | Retire29.

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