Now not all “boring” people are rich and not all rich people are “boring.”  But the more laid back lifestyle you lead could likely lead you to an accumulation of wealth over long periods of time.
When helping folks with finances I always like to show people two pictures of houses.  One is a brand new mansion and the other is a modest rambler that was built in the 80’s.  I often ask “who is successful?”  Of course everyone would pick the person in the large mansion, but when you tell people that person has more than $1,000,000.00 in debt and eventually lost their house whereas the person in the other house has it paid off along with over $700,000.00 in savings and investments it presents a whole different point of view.
The ability to overcome your distractions in life whether financial or not likely leads to successful outcomes.   When you can keep your life under control you limit the distractions and stresses in life.  Often times we are the ones who cause the problems not everyone else.  Sometimes we just need to point that finger back at ourselves for our financial situations instead of pointing at others.  Yes there will be some people get rich fast and have the ability to hold on to it, but they are the exception and not the norm.

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