The 12 Essential Lessons I Want to Share About Money & Life – Afford Anything

#1: You Can Afford Anything. You Just Can’t Afford Everything. Don’t tell me your values. Show me how you spend your money, and I’ll know what you value. Don’t tell me, for example, that you “can’t afford” to travel the globe or invest for retirement if you’re simultaneously buying nice clothes and hitting the bars. […]

Boring and Rich – Healthy Wealthy Income

Now not all “boring” people are rich and not all rich people are “boring.”  But the more laid back lifestyle you lead could likely lead you to an accumulation of wealth over long periods of time. When helping folks with finances I always like to show people two pictures of houses.  One is a brand […]

Happiness Is a Superpower : The Art of Non-Conformity

Finding happiness isn’t simple as stating the obvious: sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll—or whatever the short-term equivalent might be—won’t bring you happiness. Hopefully, most of us either know this intuitively or have figured it out without too much damage. And it’s not as easy to find as some might say, for ultimately happiness is […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Rental Home – Early To Rise

Number 6:  Stick close to home. This one is debated a lot.  Some of the very best deals these days are in cities like Detroit.  However, if you live in Oklahoma, trying to buy right and manage a rental property in a city far away is probably not the right path.  Later maybe, but not […]

30 Fast Tips for a More Frugal Life – Early To Rise

6. PAY WITH CASH “To help prevent going over your budget, especially when shopping at a mall or store, use cash,” said Daniel Fayette in his one-minute money tip. If your bank account balance tends to get too close for comfort to $0 each month, this is a smart trick to keep your spending on […]

Frugality Gives Us Options – Frugalwoods

hat Frugality Can Do For You Through talking with and learning from all of you, I’ve gleaned that no matter what precise path you’re on in life, the universal truth is that–without fail–frugality gives you options. The only demographic this doesn’t ring true for are the billionaires of the world–after all, they can pretty much […]

A Tip for “Making Space” in the Squat | StrongFirst

Also, imagine the femurs can “get longer” from the center of the bone. If the femur was divided equally in half, they could be “stretched” forward and backward. Obviously, the bones in your legs don’t have the capability to move like this, but the mental focus and intent of the imagery really sets the hips […]

Clothing Care For People Who Don’t Buy Clothes – Frugalwoods

Though I don’t fixate on our appearances or how dapperly we’re dressed, it does pay dividends for us to keep our clothes in decent condition. Not needing to replace our wardrobes annually–or even every five years–is liberating from the perspective of reducing our dependence upon consumption and also, quite obviously, an excellent frugal hack. In much […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Finances in One Day – Early To Rise

3. PURGE RECURRING EXPENSES If you’re paying for subscriptions to magazines you never read or pay more for your cable bill than you do for car insurance, it’s time to purge your recurring expenses. Spend about an hour reviewing recent expenses, keeping an eye out for monthly charges like cable bills and subscription fees as […]