Knowledge isn’t only less important at this stage; it can actually be a hindrance. Stop going on Reddit and listening to arguments about whether or not blended or whole oats have superior glycemic indexes for muscle protein synthesis. Use that time to go mindfully lift some weights, prepare your meals for the next day, or sleep. All of those things would be a far better use of time for an intermediate trainee.

The only knowledge that you should be listening to are from one or two experts that you choose to trust at this time. Of course, there are many experts out there, but they have competing ideologies all of which are correct in their own right. If you follow them all, you’ll just go into analysis paralysis. When I reached my intermediate stage, I started following Martin Berkhan and Lyle McDonald’s philosophies exclusively. As I progressed from there, I then began to listen to Ben Tormey and Matt Perryman.

via Crossing the Fitness Chasm: How to Move from Beginner to Intermediate.

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