Strength Training Will Get You Far… Even Through a Half-Marathon | StrongFirst

MENTAL AND PHYSICAL CHALLENGES, AND A CHANGE IN PLANS When I signed up to do the Brooklyn Half, my body felt great. But the moment I started training runs, my hip started giving me trouble. So I stopped running, but continued my strength training: a 6-day-a-week barbell and kettlebell training program starting 2 months out from the […]

A Strength Tradition: Stone Lifting | StrongFirst

When lifting a stone, you first need the requisite mobility to pull yourself into a deep squat while having your hands on a fixed object. There are two places you can optimally stabilize your spine and trunk: one is while standing, and the other is in the bottom of a deep squat with an upright […]

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 62 | Eric Cressey | High Performance Training, Personal Training

Optimal leg drive technique differs from lifter to lifter, but foot placement dictates leg drive technique. Lifters with shorter legs tend to thrive with the feet hooked tightly under the bench and the heels off the ground, while longer-legged lifters do better with the feet out wide and heels flat. via Quick and Easy Ways […]

15 Random Thoughts on Strength and Conditioning Programs | Eric Cressey | High Performance Training, Personal Training

This post is all about programming, but it’d be shortsighted to wrap up without reminding you that I’d rather see a mediocre program executed with outstanding intensity and adherence than an outstanding program executed with mediocre effort. You can’t outprogram “soft,” so be sure you’re working hard in spite of the focus on continued education! […]

The Top Five Ab Training Mistakes | StrongFirst

There are many exercises to choose from for effective ab training.  The key is to practice both feed-forward and feed-back tension and to say farewell to the “burn”.  All of the StrongFirst curricula—kettlebell, bodyweight, and barbell—are obsessive about building strong abs.  Consider the Total Tension Kettlebell Complex as an example. via The Top Five Ab […]