Great remote workers have a few traits that make them successful:

Propensity towards action: This is the type of person that devoid of a task list given to them, they’ll find something meaningful to do.

Able to prioritize: Often times, important tasks can be unclear when working remotely (especially at a startup). An individual who can focus on the right tasks and know to ignore others will do well.

Proficient written communicator: Most communication in a remote team happens via text—email, team chat, or one-on-one private messages. If someone struggles to write clearly and concisely, they’ll struggle in a remote team. Equally as important is being able to show tact in written communication, too. It’s all-to-easy to come off as curt via text. Liberal use of emoticons can go a long way.

via The Skills You Should Have to Be a Successful Remote Worker.


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