The one thing I want to convey is that frugality is an awesome alternative to our dominant, debt-laden consumer culture. But, if it’s not your thing, that’s OK! I just don’t want anyone to go through life not knowing about the joys a frugal existence can provide. I’m a mission to spread the frugal word. However, I’m not out to convert you. Striking that balance between sharing how fabulous frugality is for me and not judging others for choosing a different financial path is something I think about a lot.

Don’t bother a sleeping hound
Much of the early retirement canon is rather polarizing and casts the debate as “us smart, frugal people” vs. “those dumb, spendy people.” I’m frankly not comfortable with this dogmatic approach. There are countless permutations of frugality and of how people want—and need—to live their lives. We’re all beholden to a unique set of circumstances, backgrounds, and goals.

via Why I Won’t Judge Your Spending – Frugalwoods.

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MMY · June 26, 2015 at 7:34 am

I agree. I’m becoming a minimalist but I don’t judge those that don’t have the same views. I’d love to tell everyone how good it feels but like you, I try to stay off my soap box. Thanks for writing.

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