Humorous Consumerism Today | Retire29

A couple months ago we were driving to a Strawberry Festival when I pulled up behind this Papa Johns pizza delivery guy. Several dudes I know delivered pizzas for years–it’s a decent job and can easily accompany other full time employment or schooling. But, one thing is certain: it is going to be really hard to make […]

Ask the Readers: Do you have a Good Relationship with Money? (I don’t) – 1500 Days to Freedom1500 Days to Freedom

Type 1: Grew up lower to middle class, Big Spender now Ralph: Ralph’s father owned a struggling, small business. One day, the IRS nabbed Ralph’s father and took almost everything away. Ralph’s philosophy is that he needs to spend it all now in case a similar thing happens to him. Despite making well over $100,000 per year, Ralph […]

24 Ways Your Office Job is Literally Killing You – Early To Rise

6. Long commutes can lead to poor sleep, higher cholesterol, and an increased risk of depression. Commuting more than 10 miles by car can lead to higher blood sugar increased cholesterol, according to a study from the University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the Cooper Institute in Dallas. It can also increase your […]

How This Woman Gave Up Processed Food for a Year—On a $16,780 Salary – Early To Rise

We all know it’s healthier to “eat clean”—but convenient packaged foods, and weird ingredients seem to lurk everywhere. Just ask Megan Kimble. The Tucson-based food writer spent an entire year avoiding all processed foods, a daunting challenge she chronicles in her new book, Unprocessed ($16, As a busy grad student living on an annual […]

Troy Hunt: How I optimised my life to make my job redundant

I multithread and task-switch frequently I’ve obviously had a lot of parallel stuff on the go at once; multiple blog posts, speaking events, community interactions, HIBP then naturally all those Pluralsight courses and a full time job. I regularly switch between all of them which means I might be bang in the middle of doing […]

How Social Security can help you play catch-up on retirement savings

…. Americans aren’t saving for retirement It seems like every day a new survey is released that concludes Americans aren’t saving nearly enough for retirement. Google “percentage of Americans who haven’t saved for retirement” if you want to engage in some schadenfreude. My search suggested that fully a third of folks have saved a big, […]

Six Things We Never Buy At The Grocery Store – Frugalwoods

… Fear not, to stave off these lurid and deplorable supermarket wallet-killers, Mr. FW and I assembled the below list of things we never, ever buy at the grocery store. Now, this is obviously based on our own experiences (like everything else in Frugalwoods-land!), so your mileage might vary depending on where you live and what you […]