How one German millennial chose to live on trains rather than pay rent – The Washington Post

So far, her experience contradicts studies that have recently claimed that “long commutes are killing you.” And financially, she  benefits from living on a train: The flat-rate ticket costs her about $380, whereas she had to pay about $450 for her previous apartment. However, living cheaper is not the only goal she has in mind. “I want to inspire […]

Thursday Rant: Why the 4% Rule Won’t Steal Your Spouse or Give You the Clap – 1500 Days to Freedom1500 Days to Freedom

Nothing is certain in life including your financial future. However, the 4% Rule gives us a solid framework to plan with. Life is a bit of a game. If you’re lucky enough to have been born in a place with opportunity where hard work is rewarded, you can take your life in any direction you want. […]

Boring and Rich – Healthy Wealthy Income

Now not all “boring” people are rich and not all rich people are “boring.”  But the more laid back lifestyle you lead could likely lead you to an accumulation of wealth over long periods of time. When helping folks with finances I always like to show people two pictures of houses.  One is a brand […]

The 9 Best Places to Teach English Overseas

Spain — In last few years (and despite the economic downturn), Spain has become one of the premier places to teach English. There are plenty of jobs, the government has an active program for attracting teachers, and your visa means you can freely travel around Europe. There are also many opportunities to teach private lessons […]

Happiness Is a Superpower : The Art of Non-Conformity

Finding happiness isn’t simple as stating the obvious: sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll—or whatever the short-term equivalent might be—won’t bring you happiness. Hopefully, most of us either know this intuitively or have figured it out without too much damage. And it’s not as easy to find as some might say, for ultimately happiness is […]

Immediate Happiness, Success, and Less Stress in 3 Simple Steps – Early To Rise

#1 ~ Identify Your Personal Negative Beliefs Write down the most common negative comments you think and speak about yourself or your situation? Examples: “I’m no good at (blank).” “I’m ugly, fat, stupid.” “I can’t articulate.” “I’m so insecure.” “I’m afraid of (blank).” “People disrespect me.” “I can’t think clearly.” via Immediate Happiness, Success, and […]