Mozart and Beethoven’s Secret Weapon – Early To Rise

Of course, there is always a Black Sheep in any fraternity. Take Chopin, my favorite composer. He was a late riser and composed in the afternoons, relying on bursts of creativity. While he did not follow a rigid schedule, he came up with many of his ideas while walking. It was said that once an idea was […]

Daily Challenges To Improve Your Life – Daily Challenge List – Making Sense Of Cents

8. Eliminate/cut back on social media and/or TV. Our minds are greatly influenced by what we see on TV and on social media. Plus, it can be a huge waste of time. Instead of turning on the TV or looking at social media the next time you are bored, you may want to try to […]

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising

Apparently Healthy but Deconditioned Individuals So what happens to the body when physical activity comes to a grinding halt? People, be they elite athletes or regular gym-goers, get injured, take extended fitness breaks, or simply lose interest. Exercise physiologists refer to such people as “apparently healthy but deconditioned individuals,” and the effects of detraining are […]

Why You Should Carry a Notebook with You Everywhere – 99u

By using one notebook, you’ll find a lot of smaller ideas that otherwise might have eventually gotten pushed aside for the meatier, well developed concepts. Those are the real gems. Creative director and illustrator Kevin Lyons explains how he tries to use every one of his ideas: No matter what I’m doing, I’m not an […]

A Strength Tradition: Stone Lifting | StrongFirst

When lifting a stone, you first need the requisite mobility to pull yourself into a deep squat while having your hands on a fixed object. There are two places you can optimally stabilize your spine and trunk: one is while standing, and the other is in the bottom of a deep squat with an upright […]

Prisoner Workout: Bodyweight Workouts | The Art of Manliness

… Typewriter Pull-up. Grab the bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up until your sternum is at the bar. Now, move your body toward one hand, taking some of the weight off the opposite hand. Keep your sternum at the bar. Return your body to the center and repeat […]

The False Choices That Steal Our Future – Frugalwoods

But contrary to popular belief, there isn’t just one right way to live, or one road to serenity. Our attainment of happiness as humans necessarily derives from our unique circumstances, personalities, and preferences. To impose this one-size-fits-all consumer happiness model on everyone is a surefire recipe for disappointment. It doesn’t make Mr. FW or me happy […]