I think we all agree that serious strength work can transform your life. But transformation is by its nature a violent act. In order to be rebuilt, things get torn down — and that’s a big deal, whether you’re talking about a nation, a building, or a person. When you get some weird, semi-passive pushback from a student or client, perhaps ask yourself what comfort they take in being not-strong — however counterintuitive the idea may seem to you as strong person. Put yourself in their shoes; pay attention to the things they share with you. If they’re coming from a place of personal inertia and weakness, as they start getting stronger, tension may be generated — and not just in their anterior chain; maybe at home too. Consider the sad fact that some guys aren’t keen on the idea of their wife or girlfriend being as strong as they are (or stronger!) — and that plenty of women sabotage their training in deference to that.

via The Psychological Complexities of Becoming Strong | StrongFirst.

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